Monday, July 13, 2015

Ready. Set. Write! Week 6

You guys. Thanks so much for the support last week. I was feeling a bit lost about writing in the face of real world drama (so inconvenient) and it helped SO MUCH to know that I wasn't alone. Special thanks to Erin FunkJaime MorrowKaty UppermanAlison Miller, and Elodie Nowodazkij for setting up RSW :)

If anybody out there is sitting on the fence about participating then hop off that sucker right now and put up your own post! If I wasn't checking in with other people then I would probably still be on the sofa watching Nicholas Sparks movies (totally legit life choice btw) instead of writing.

You guys are awesome.

How I did on last week's goal: Nailed it! I did more than 2,000 words and got a rough outline typed up.

My goal for this week: I'm going to up my game and try for 3,000 words.

A favorite line from my story OR a word or word/phrase that sums up what I wrote/revised: 

"I love it when a plan comes together."

I'm still near the beginning, but this week was the first time that I felt like I really understood the characters and where the story is going. 

Best. Feeling. Ever.

The biggest challenge I faced this week: Sleep. My children have given it up, and therefore so I have I. Coffee intake is approaching danger levels :)

Something I love about my WIP: It's making me laugh. In a good way.

How was your week?


  1. Whoohoo one meeting your goals! You rock! It is the best feeling when things come together and you have that "moment" of pure AH

    OMG I love my sleep! Is there a way to make them sleep...wear them out hard during the day running around playing outside or something so they just pass out at night?

  2. Congratulations on meeting your goals! You can definitely meet this week's goal too, especially now you've got your outline (and fingers crossed your characters agree to stick to it!).

    Augh, good luck with the sleep! As Eve says, is there any way you can tire them out so they're ready for bed?

  3. Congrats on meeting your goals, Carrie! You can meet this week's goals for sure. *waves pom poms of support* :) Good luck w/the sleep; sorry the kids are not interested in it. Don't they know this is the time they should be? ;-P

  4. Lol! Your children have given up sleep, huh? Not good :) Yay to hitting those goals despite all of that! And good luck this next week.

  5. Way to meet that goal! I hope you can meet the bigger goal next week, even if you are running on caffeine fumes. Been there, hated that!

  6. Awesome job meeting your goal this week, Carrie! You can totally do 3000! :D It's the best when you really start to see your characters and story clearly. Have a wonderful week!

  7. My kids aren't sleeping either! What is going on?

    Congrats on hitting your goals!

  8. It's so great to hear that RSW is encouraging you and helping you to make progress on your WIP! Way to go on nailing your goal this past week! I hope that momentum carries into this week too! Best of luck with that next 3k! :)

  9. Oof! Sorry you're lacking sleep lately, but that's awesome that you were still able to rock out your goals from last week! Good luck rocking it again this week!

  10. Great job with your goals! I always find challenges like this make me much more productive. :)

  11. I was having a Hannibal Smith moment earlier today too. Looks like great minds think alike. :-D

    Hooray for upping your game, Carrie. Go for it.

  12. Nicholas Sparks can be tempting at times, especially when I wan to shut off my brain. Congrats on kicking your goals butt!


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